Membership Information

VBR Adult Membership
Vero Beach Rowing appreciates and welcomes new members. You can choose between one of our boat and facility membership. Please e-mail or call with any questions about membership dues.

Boat & Facility Membership – Full facility usage, scull and sweep boats. All memberships include coaching.

1. Adult – $500 annually, $300 semi-annually, $170 quarterly, or $60 monthly

2. Additional Family Member (members living in one household) – $250 annually

3. Junior Rower Parent (Rower must be year round member) – $250 annually


Boat Storage Fee: Individuals who store a boat must be a member of VBR. Contact VBR for availability.

1. First Boat (1x & 2x/2- only) – $250 annually

2. 2nd Boat Storage: (1x & 2x/2- only) – $250 annually

3. 3rd Boat Storage: (1x & 2x/2- only) – $250 annually