VBR Membership

Vero Beach Rowing appreciates and welcomes new members.
You can choose between one of our boat and facility memberships.
Please e-mail or call with any questions about membership dues.
Full facility usage, scull and sweep boats.

All memberships include coaching.

Adult Membership

$550 annually
One VBR Adult Membership

Full facility usage, scull and sweep boats.
All memberships include coaching.

Additional Family Member Adult Membership

$275 annually
VBR Additional Family Membership
(members living in one household)

VBR Interim
Adult Membership

VBR Interim Memberships:
$330 Semi-Annually
$187 Quarterly
$66 Monthly


Junior Rower Parent

$275 Annually
Junior Rower Parent
of year-round rower

Student Memberships

Middle School
Student Membership

Per Fall or Spring Season

High School
Student Membership

$860 Spring Season
(or 3 payments of $290
January 18th, February 18th,
March 18th)

Payment Options

Boat Storage Fees

Individuals who store a boat must be a member of Vero Beach Rowing. Please contact VRB for availability.


Member Boat Storage Fee

$250 Annually
First Boat Storage Fee
(1x and 2x/2 Only)

VBR Boat Storage Fee Payment

Vero Beach Rowing Boat Storage is for members only,
however space must first be arranged with our Director.

Please contact Gary Marra for storage availablility before
paying with the PayPal link provided here.

PHONE 772-494-1084     Email for Information

Number of Boats

Adult Learn-to-Row Lessons

Vero Beach Rowing Director/Coach Gary Marra leads an
Adult Rowing Class at Macwilliam Park in Vero Beach, Florida

Enjoy the many benefits of our Learn-to-Row Program

Learn how to board a boat correctly!

Next Learn-to-Row Session

Our next Learn-to-Row class will begin on Tuesday, January 23rd.
Classes will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:15AM – 10:00PM.

Sign-Up Here for
8 Week Session $150

Learn-to-Row Payment

Please sign up for your ‘Learn-to-Row’ 8-Week Session
then pay securely through PayPal here.